Whole Person Education Office

Whole Person Education (WPE), also called holistic education, is concerned with the growth of a person’s intellectual, moral, physical, social, emotional, artistic, and spiritual potential. Educational goals include character formation, broad social knowledge and skills, ability to think independently and solve personal problems, high moral and social consciousness.

The Whole Person Education Office (WPEO) was set up in July 2006 to develop the UIC Whole Person Education Program, which comprises a set of experiential learning modules. The WPE modules are offered in form of curricular courses, facilitated by the WPEO centers. In addition, summer and winter programs, extra-curricular activities and clubs are available to students to deepen their learning experience.

Currently five centers are established under the WPEO: Emotional Intelligence Development Center (EIDC), Arts and Culture Development Center (ACDC), Voluntary Service Development Center (VSDC), Environmental Development Center (EDC), Physical Education Center (PEC).


Vision and Mission

In line with UIC's vision of creating a new model of liberal education for China and the world, WPEO aims to create an effective, measurable and portable model of Whole Person Education based on an experiential learning approach.

The mission is to implement UIC’s Whole Person Education ideology by providing experiential learning courses, programs and activities that foster students’ development in teamwork, stamina and persistence, interpersonal skill, self-awareness, endurance, creativity, sense of responsibility and culture awareness.

Consequently the WPEO offers a variety of character-building learning experiences to equip students with critical and holistic knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that they can apply elsewhere to achieve their life goals. Strong emphasis is put on "learning through experience" and "learning through practice", after which reflection and sublimation will follow naturally.